SharingXchange Photo Contest

Want to win a stay in one of our unique properties? Entry is easy! Snap some great photos during your stay and send them our way to qualify.

photo tips below!

Why a photo contest?

At sharingXchange we aim to provide the highest level of customer experience. We know that everyone prefers looking at property listings that contain great photos, so why not turn to the guest themselves to help us beautify our website.

During your stay, take some great photos like the ones you see here. We love to see our guests interacting in the photos, so don't be shy!

Submit your photos to Include your contact info and we'll enter you into a drawing to win a free stay at one of our unique properties. Boats, treehouses, castles and more. Plus, you'll see your photos added to our website listings and shared on social media!

tips for taking great photos

Brighten up the place

-Shoot during the day

-Open the curtains and let in the natural light

- Modern cameras adjust for bright spots by darkening surrounding areas, so focus the camera away from the windows if possible

unique amenities

-Capture the home's life and personality

-Unique amenities are exciting and engaging

-Some ideas are: backyard swing, fireplace, jaw-dropping views, barbecue, vintage furniture & more

shoot into a corner

-Shooting directly onto a flat wall can make a space seem smaller than in real life

-Shooting into a corner gives a sense of true depth and perspective

-Clean and tidy rooms create for more spacious and inviting photos

Don't forget the outside

-The outside is so often overlooked, but it's the first impression upon arrival

-Best time to shoot is during the day (specifically, "Golden Hour")

-Capture the yard/ neighborhood! Let's get a sense of the world around you

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